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I'm a documentary film director, cinematographer, sound mixer and editor in Nashville, TN. 

I've been working in production since 1996 and making documentaries since 2004.

I can work as a one-man crew and have all gear including cameras, lights, audio and an edit suite.

I love what I do and pride myself on working myself nearly to death to make your film the work of art that you envision.

Who I am


I grew up in Nashville racing BMX, playing in a metal band and playing football.  I graduated from college in 1993 and started my sound production company in 1996.  I met Elizabeth in 2000 while working on a documentary about Widespread Panic and we married 5 years later.  We have 2 great kids and have since added a dog, a cat, 2 pigs and about 20 chickens.  I'm very blessed that they lovingly support my addiction to filmmaking.

My list: The Best Documentaries


Hearts of Darkness

The Jinx (series)

The Cove


Sea of Shadows

The Square

Fog of War

Unknown Knowns

Sound City

Vernon, Florida


Enron:  The Smartest Guy in the Room

Sweet Mickey for President


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Patrick Sheehan Documentary Filmmaker

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